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About the ZAO app

In China, since the end of August 2019, the application is gaining more and more popularity. It fell in love with users, because now anyone can become the heroes of one of your favorite movies. How is that possible? All thanks to Deepfake technology.

Viral Deepfake application ZAO, in a few seconds will turn You into a celebrity and You will become the hero of one of the famous movies. ZAO is a free Depfake app and with it Your few selfies can become the basis for replacing the faces of popular actor characters in small video clips cut from famous movies (such as Titanic, Game of thrones and others). In its meaning, it resembles the famous FaceApp app, but ZAO scans your image and uses it as the new face of a hero in a movie or TV show.

ZAO technology is not new. As mentioned above, for example, FaceApp, Which turns people's photos into what they might look like in the future, uses facial recognition and an intelligent editing system to give interesting believable results. Things like this can also remind you of augmented reality and Snapchat's animated filters and lenses . In any case, something like ZAO is not something new, but the innovation is the amazing speed and accuracy of its operation. Instead of photos, ZAO uses videos to animate your likeness to the characters ' faces, and this only enhances the awesome features of this app.

This time we are not getting old before our eyes, but are in the video and are participants of famous films and shows. ZAO works by simply scanning your image and transferring it to the character of your choice. The app fully animates your face according to how the character moves, so even the dialogue scenes are realistic and it seems like you actually speak just like the character. Compared to other applications, the technology of ZAO is an innovation that is fun to try and experience.

You will have fun and you can have fun pretending to be a celebrity in a popular show or movie with this video app.

Advantages of the application ZAO:

  • Quickly scan your photos
  • Realistic editing
  • Allows you to make a pack of emoticons
  • Inserts Your face in such a way that the character looks realistic

Disadvantages of the ZAO application:

  • Privacy concerns about Your information
  • A small selection of videos
  • You cannot upload your own video clips
  • Requirements for the quality of photos are high
  • There may be copyright issues when posting videos

Android users can test the app by downloading it from the web version of the Baidu App Store

Characteristics of the application ZAO




Android 9.0







Download ZAO 1.0.1 for Android

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