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The Zao app is a mobile application for Android-based smartphones to replace the faces of heroes of famous movies, TV series and shows with their faces in excerpts. The ZAO app is created by Chinese developers. This app is released for Android.

The Zao app is released in August 2019. This application has become popular in China and is gradually growing in popularity around the world. Now this ZAO app for Android is the leader in the number of downloads in China. Just like the FaceApp app, the ZAO app tends to be ubiquitous among users. You can find information about the application in social networks by hashtags #Zao and #deepfake.

If you need to download the app Zao APK for Android, then you have come to the right place. You can download Zao APK for Android by clicking the Android button.

A little about the application ZAO.

What is the Zao App:

  • Zao is a face swap app developed by Chinese developers using artificial intelligence technology. With the help of this application users are migrating their faces on the actors, celebrities, etc. This application is ZAO was developed and published by Momo, a very popular company in the field of application for Dating in China.

The Zao Face app has become incredibly popular as Chinese users have taken the opportunity to see them act out scenes from popular movies, TV series, programs using DeepFake technology. This explains why some people search in the search for the app Zao Deepfake.

The Zao app has been downloaded by millions around the world for months.

How to make a video clip using the Zao app

  • First, download the Zao app.

  • Second, enter your email and personal phone number.

  • Third, you will get OTP to your phone number.

  • Fourth, enter the authorization code, now you can use the application.

  • Fifth, upload your photos.

  • Sixth, you have to select any video clip from the gallery of templates of the Zao app.

  • Seventh, click on the "Create" button. Now your videos are created and ready.

  • Eighth, you can enjoy the result of your work, save to your phone or share your videos on social networking sites.

Features and capabilities of the application Zao

  • In this app you can create a popular Emoji pack online with your face.

  • View famous movies with your participation, as the faces of the characters will be transformed by this application into your face.

  • Create a video with your face and your favorite characters.

  • In this application, you can also use your friend's face to create a joint video where you will both be the heroes of the video.

  • This application supports the application of real portrait photos to replace the face of the heroes of the video.

  • This app does not allow the user to upload their videos or photos of celebrities.

You all know that this app is a very popular app. Many people want to get this app for their Android smartphone. So you can download the Zao APK for Android smartphone by clicking on the download button above.

If you have any problems with this app, you can contact us. If you like our article, share it with your friends by clicking on the social media button below. I hope your friends will also enjoy this application of Zao Deepfake.

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