How to download videos from the APP ZAO?

First, for those who do not know about the new Chinese application, I will tell you a little about the program itself, and then about how to download videos from this application.

About the ZAO mobile app

This smartphone app comes from China and uses artificial intelligence technology that is applied to the image of Your face to achieve stunningly unique results and create fantastic video clips with your participation.
After All, you have long dreamed of getting into the movies and take the place of your favorite actor? Thanks to the development of technology and neural networks, this has become quite achievable. This will help you with the application ZAO, which in August 30, 2019 was placed in the APP STORE in China. After a simple installation and on your smartphone you will only have to choose an excerpt from a movie, series or show.
The ZAO app will replace the face of an actor in a movie, TV series, game or TV show with your face. You just need to save a photo or a number of personal photos, and better a series of many of your selfies for a more realistic result, and the application will implement the "replacement" in a fraction of a second.
That is, you just share a photo of your face, and the application will include it in the video, adapting it to the facial expressions and speech of the movie hero. Video clip is obtained very realistic this of course not incredibly, but very funny.
Released on Friday August 30, 2019 in free access for Chinese smartphone owners over the weekend, the ZAOs app has soared to the top spot in the Chinese App Store and is quickly "conquering" other countries.

Features of the application ZAO:

  • the app is designed to replace faces in videos;
  • it is possible to insert the face of the owner of the smartphone in an excerpt of a famous movie or clip;
  • deepfake technology is used to convert video clips;
  • face replacement is due to neural network;
  • the application is downloaded and used by users absolutely free of charge;
  • suitable for working with current versions of Android and IOS.

Download videos from the APP ZAO

The process of creating any video takes only 5 to 10 seconds. When the video conversion is over, You will have the option to find the new video clip in the gallery of the ZAO app at the very bottom.
Pre-download, you can turn on to watch the video and you will see yourself in the role of Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jim Carrey looking for a way to solve another life dilemma or fight in a tough battle against the world. I would praise the developers of the ZAO app. They managed the impossible. Your character is not easy with a fixed face on which your photo is inserted, and the real character with your face that repeats all the movements of the hero and your facial expressions.
For all users of the application, ZAO provides both viewing the video in the application itself and downloading it from the application. To do this, there is an arrow button under the video. Just click on it and then start downloading the video.
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