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Momo, whose name means "stranger" in Chinese, is one of the leading instant messengers for Dating in China.

What is MOMO?

MOMO is a location-based mobile social app launched by Momo and is one of the leading open social platforms in China.
In MOMO you can use your videos, write text messages, send voice messages and post your photos and images, find people who are close to you based on geographical location, join groups according to your interests and build real, effective and healthy social relationships.

History of MOMO

Momo was founded in 2011 and listed on the NASDAQ on December 11, 2014 (stock trading code: MOMO).
Momo's goal is to hope that people can discover the beauty and novelty around them through the mobile Internet.

History of the company:


August released online version for iOS
The online version of Android is presented in December


In February, MOMO was voted the most popular app of China's "mobile app Ranking".
Added location-based group features in October
Officially entered the rating of App Store 2012 TOP20


Added the Bulletin Board and the dynamics of friends in January
Released online version of Windows Phone in September
The first game for online users in November


Added ability to post short videos (stories) in March
In December, the number of active users in Momo was 69.3 million.
On December 11, Momo was listed on NASDAQ in the United States.


January, created a gift shop
Financial report for the first quarter of 2015, first profit announced
November added a translation function online


Launched an independent app in March.
April Momo Open Live
Monthly active users reached 81.1 million in December


Brand logo update
Monthly active users reached 99.1 million in December


In January, the "MOMO Live 18 Surprise Night" ceremony was held at the Shanghai world exhibition center.
In September, the "Chinese youth Fund - Momo public welfare Fund" was established»
Annual revenue in 2018 was $ 13.408 billion, net income was $ 3.442 billion, and a special cash dividend of $ 128 million was distributed.


In January, the "Surprise MOMO Live 19"ceremony was held in Shenzhen.

The Company "MoMo". Facts and figures

As of June 30, 2019, the company has 2,075 employees.
More than 180 million accounts have been created in MOMO. Momo is the third most popular chat service in China after WeChat and Mobile QQ (both owned by Internet conglomerate Tencent).
Initially, Momo entered the market as a Dating and Dating application: the service does not just correlate users by common interests, but also shows who is nearby, based on geolocation, but now Momo is developing towards a more universal social network already.
The main share of the company's revenue is the subscription fee. The app is free for users, but for a subscription fee of $18 per year, you can get a "VIP account", which includes advanced search options for users, the ability to "follow" a larger number of users and other additional features. Momo also makes money from advertising, mobile games and Emoji sales, advertising.
Momo shares are owned by China's Alibaba, and other prestigious investors in the form of venture capital firms and investment funds are also involved in Momo's capital.
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