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So, every day humanity does not stand still, but comes up with new and new things. Technology "artificial intelligence", training neural networks allows you to step to a new level of technology development.
In China, local programmers have released a brand new application to create video clips using the smartphone owner. The Chinese app was named ZAO.
The mobile application Zao from Chinese programmers-developers has become a real hit in China and a number of authoritative world publications have already written about it.

Principle of operation of the application ZAO

It works by interacting with neural networks, which make it pretty easy to create fake photos and videos that look like real ones.
The application Zao, as well as other similar services (FaceApp, etc.), works on the basis of technology of creation of "deepfake"-content (photos and videos in which by means of neural networks replace the person's face in the frame with the face of someone else).
Now, thanks to the Chinese application Zao users turn themselves into movie stars, participants of famous shows replacing the faces of popular actors and people in scenes from popular movies, shows and TV series on their own. With it, you can play in "Titanic" and "Game of thrones", as well as in those videos that are located inside the application.

Company developer of the application ZAO

The author and developer of the ZAO app is Momo, which owns China's largest streaming data platform. The ZAO app was released in the Chinese App Store and major unofficial Android stores on August 30, 2019 and immediately became popular — in the first three days, the ZAO app topped the free app charts in China.
In comparison with other deepfake services, the Zao application stands out for its simplicity and ease of use: the user does not need a super-powerful computer, nor knowledge in video editing and photoshop, nor knowledge in the field of programming and machine learning. Just one smartphone with a front camera is enough.
In the application, it takes only 8-10 seconds to process a fragment of a movie, TV series, TV show or video game. With it, you can become the hero of the movie "Titanic" instead of Leonardo DiCaprio, or in "Game of Thrones" instead of Keith Harington. Choose the user application ZAO may be from the internal library of videos, which are "hundreds of videos" with excerpts from movies, TV shows, clips, TV shows and games.
The results of processing and creating video clips look quite decent and they are not ashamed to share with family and friends.

Problems with the privacy policy of the application ZAO

Chinese application Zao can be called another FaceApp, but with a bias in the video. At the launch, the app has already become a scandal hero due to privacy issues. After the launch of the application, many users saw in the terms of the user agreement of the application Zao stated that the rights to all content created with this application belong to the developer company, that is, Momo. Chinese users immediately became indignant about this and the application earned from polzvateley rating of 1.9 out of 5. The developers made concessions and changed the rules. Now the developers promise to use the content only to improve the application and delete all uploaded photos at the request of the user.
Amid the privacy scandal, Tencent, which owns the popular Chinese messenger WeChat, has banned links to videos and gifs processed in the Zao from being published on WeChat.
The start of the application ZAO turned out bright and scandalous. Let's see how it will develop further.
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