How do I create a video in the ZAO app?

Time flows and changes, maybe someone else has not heard about the application ZAO. So let's get acquainted and before you learn how to create videos in the new Chinese application ZAO, I'll tell you a little about the application.

A little about the application ZAO

This smartphone app is created by Chinese developers and uses neural network machine learning technology, which is applied to the photo of Your face to get stunningly realistic results and get cool videos with your participation.
After All, you have long dreamed of acting in a movie and take the place of your favorite movie hero? Thanks to progress and neural networks, this has become quite real and achievable. This will help you with the application ZAO, which at the end of August 2019 was placed in the APP STORE in China. After a simple registration and installation of the application, you will only have to choose an excerpt from your favorite movie, TV series or TV show.
The ZAO app will change the face of an actor in a movie, TV series, game or famous show to your face. You just need to upload a photo or a series of personal photos, and better a series of many of your selfies for a better result, and the application will implement the "replacement" in seconds.
That is, you just save a photo of your face, and the application will include it in the video clip, adapting it to the facial expressions and speech of the movie hero. Video clip is obtained very realistic this of course not incredibly, but very funny.
Posted on Friday August 30, 2019 in free access for Chinese smartphone owners over the weekend, the ZAO app has risen to the first position in the Chinese App Store and is rapidly "conquering" other countries.

What can the ZAO app do:

  • the app is designed to replace faces in videos;
  • it is possible to insert the user's face in the excerpt of a famous movie or video clip;
  • deepfake technology is used to process video clips;
  • face replacement is carried out thanks to the neural network;
  • the application is downloaded and used by the owner of the smartphone for free;
  • compatible with current Android and IOS versions.

Create videos in the APP ZAO

The process of creating videos in the application is quite simple. Once you have passed the registration stage in the application now proceed directly to the creation of videos with your direct participation.
In your personal account of the application you will be available to an extensive catalog of videos, which are excerpts and small stories from various well-known and popular movies, music videos, TV series, TV shows and other videos.
The ZAO app does not currently allow the user to upload their own video. Now you can only choose a scene from "Titanic", "Game of thrones", merge with the image and genius of Marilyn Monroe or look at yourself from the outside, how you look in the role of the Terminator, and maybe there will be a lot of interesting things that I have not described.
Click on the tabs of the video catalog and make a choice of the video plot suitable for You for your future role. At the bottom of the catalog there are four icons of different colors. Each has its own specific purpose.
The first orange button is for selecting a video, the second yellow button is for creating a GIF image, the third blue button is for adding your friends, and finally the fourth pink button is a gallery of photos and videos.
By clicking on the third icon you can add friends from the popular Chinese network WeChat. This way you become a participant of the video clip together with your friends.
All this will allow you to create more interesting videos and animations for joint viewing. However, due to the privacy policy of the application, wechat began to block links to videos and animations from ZAO, so the further use of this feature remains somewhat questionable. We hope that the developers of the application ZAO will resolve this issue.
Next, go to the last tab. On the fourth tab, you will be able to view the created videos. The color bar at the top of the screen will also tell you which tab you are in. Select the video you created and view it.
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