How does the ZAO Deepfake app work?

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Now the work begins in the application ZAO.

Upload photos to the ZAO app

Once you have registered in the application, you will be taken to the application menu, which consists of the following items:
* upload your photo or photos;
* get acquainted with the privacy policy of the application ZAO;
* contact the developer company;
* configure notification when video creation is complete;
* and other items.
Now you will need the first line of the menu "的的面", which means "My face"in Chinese. Click this button to upload your photo or photo chain. Before uploading photos, the APP will warn you that you can not upload other people's photos. If you as an experienced user of wryly smiled and still did not download your photo and then there it was. The application ZAO in the next step is quite seriously asked to perform a number of simple actions like shaking your head, winking, opening and closing your mouth, smile and so on. If the ZAO app sees a mismatch, it just won't let you upload the photo. I would recommend taking the idea of uploading the face of a celebrity or actor more seriously, because for this action You will simply be banned without explanation. It is noticed that when downloading your photos, the servers of the company located in China sometimes hang, so be patient and if you need to make several attempts to download photos. After uploading your photos to the application, it is checked for coincidence with famous personalities and in the absence of violations, you will be offered to make further settings. Move the sliders back and forth to achieve the desired result. Next, the ZAO app will ask you to upload a photo in which the face is seen clearly enough, has the same lighting and has a natural expression. Your choice or process the photo using various applications and filters to process photos, and can leave the photo as it is. After you pass all the steps of confirmation in the first menu opposite the "My face" button, an icon with your photo will appear. You have registered and your account is verified. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the application ZAO. Next, I would recommend uploading a few more of Your photos to make it more interesting to watch the video.

How do I create a video in the ZAO app?

After completing the registration stage in the application, you can proceed directly to the creation of a video with your participation. In the personal account of the application ZAO you have access to a diverse catalog of videos, which are excerpts from popular movies, clips, series, TV shows and other videos. The application does not allow you to upload your video, you can only choose a scene from "Titanic", "Game of thrones", merge with the image of Marilyn Monroe or look at yourself as the Terminator, and maybe something even more eccentric.
Click on the tabs at the top and make a choice of a suitable story for You and for your future role. Below are four icons of different colors. Each has its purpose. The first orange button to select a video, the second yellow button to create a GIF image, the third blue button to add your friends, and the fourth pink button is a gallery of photos. By clicking on the third tab, you can add friends from the popular Chinese network WeChat. This way you become a participant of the video clip together with your friends. All this will allow you to create more interesting videos and animations for joint viewing. However, due to the privacy policy of the application, wechat began to block links to videos and animations from ZAO, so the further use of this feature remains somewhat questionable. Next, go to the last tab. On the fourth tab, you will be able to view the created videos. The color bar at the top of the screen will also tell you which tab you are in. Select the created video and view it.

How do I assign roles to videos in the ZAO app?

Once you have created a video and watch it, then at the bottom below it you will see one or more icons with faces. If you see multiple hero icons, it means there will be more than one character in the video, so you will need multiple photos. You can also upload photos of your friends to the video or make yourself the main character of all available roles in the video. To assign roles in the video click on one of the characters and select the desired photo. After clicking the button, the video will start to update, and the gallery will display the percentage of its progress.

How to download videos from the APP ZAO?

When the video ends, You will be able to find the mounted film in the gallery at the bottom of the application. Turn on the video clip to watch And you are now in the role of Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jim Carrey cope with another life dilemma or fight against the world. The developers of the application ZAO managed the impossible. This is not just a character with a fixed face on which your photo, but a real character with your face with movements and your facial expressions. For users of the application ZAO is available both to view the video in the application and download it from the application. To do this, find the arrow button under the video and click on it after which the video download will begin.

How do I share videos from the ZAO app?

In addition to downloading the video in the application, the video clip can also share a link with friends. Video created in the application is obtained in HD-quality and can be viewed in landscape orientation. The ZAO app is simply addictive. Some users are so fond of the application ZAO that they are ready to admire themselves in a few dozen movies.However, you will not be able to see yourself in all the desired roles at once, since you can convert no more than 30 files at a time in the application. After creating 30 videos, you will need to pause for the specified time, and then again you can dive into the video creation and see the new results of the neural networks

How to create and view GIF animated images in the ZAO app?

The functions of the program provide work with both the video catalog and the catalog of GIF images. You can upload your photos to animated pictures. In quality and effect they are somewhat inferior to the rollers, but here you can get interesting and attractive options. To create such a picture in your personal account, go to the video directory and click on the second icon at the bottom left with the inscription GIF. Further, the algorithm of actions is the same as when working with video clips. Select the GIF you like and assign a photo to replace the face. After creating a picture, find a new file in the gallery and view it. You can download it using the application by clicking the icon with an arrow at the bottom.
That's all the nuances, settings and subtleties of working with the application ZAO. As you can see, to create a new masterpiece with a starring role is not difficult. All thanks to modern technologies and neural networks. It is necessary to upload your photo, choose a video, wait a few minutes and you can enjoy the result by sharing with your friends.

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