How to create and view GIF animated images in the ZAO app?

Let's at the beginning, once again before I tell you about how to create and view GIF images in the new Chinese application ZAO will tell you a little about the program itself.

About the ZAO app

This application was developed in China and uses neural network machine learning technology that is applied to the photo of Your face to achieve stunningly realistic results and create fantastic videos with your participation.
After All, you have long thought to get into the movies and take the place of your favorite actor? Thanks to the development of technology and artificial intelligence, this has become quite real and achievable. This will help you with the application ZAO, which in August 30, 2019 was placed in the APP STORE in China. After a simple installation and on your smartphone you will only have to choose a video from your favorite movie, TV series or TV show.
The ZAO app will change the face of a movie character in a movie, TV series, computer game or TV show to your face. You just need to save a photo or a number of personal photos, and better a series of many of your selfies for a better result, and the application will implement the "replacement" in a fraction of a second. That is, you just share a photo of your face, and the application will include it in the video clip, adapting it to the facial expressions and speech of the movie hero. The video is very realistic it is certainly not incredible, but very funny.
Released on Friday August 30, 2019 in free access for smartphone users over the weekend, the ZAOs app has soared to the first position in the Chinese App Store and is quickly "conquering" other States of the world.

What can the ZAO app do:

  • the app is designed to replace faces in videos;
  • it is possible to insert the face of the owner of the smartphone in an excerpt of a popular movie or video clip;
  • the deepfake method is used to convert video clips;
  • face replacement is carried out thanks to the neural network;
  • the app is downloaded and used by users absolutely free of charge;
  • compatible with current versions of Android and IOS.

Create a GIF image in the ZAO app

Features of the application provides work with a catalog of videos and a catalog of GIF images, which are also placed in the application ZAO. Now you can save your own photos into animated pictures. In terms of quality and effect produced, they are not significantly inferior to the rollers, but here you can create quite interesting options. To create a GIF image in your personal account, go to the catalog of video clips and click the second icon at the bottom left with the inscription GIF. Then the sequence of actions is the same as when working with videos. How to work with video clips in the program I wrote in the article "How to create a video in the application ZAO".
Next, make a choice of your favorite GIF-file and potverdite photo to replace the face. After converting the picture, find the new GIF file in the gallery of the ZAO application and view it. If you do not like it, you can delete it, but if the result is satisfactory, then you can download it using the application by clicking the icon with an arrow at the bottom. That's basically all.
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