How to upload photos of yourself and friends to the APP ZAO?

Before I tell you about how to post your photos and photos of your friends in the new Chinese application, I will write a little about the program itself.

About the ZAO mobile app

This application is created by Chinese developers and uses neural network machine learning technology that is applied to the photo of Your face to get stunningly unique results and produce fantastic videos with your participation.
After All, you have long dreamed of acting in a movie and take the place of your favorite movie hero? Thanks to progress and neural networks, this has become quite real. This will help you with the application ZAO, which in August 30, 2019 is published for IOS in China. After a simple installation and on your smartphone you will only have to choose an excerpt from your favorite movie, TV series or TV show.
The ZAO app will replace the face of an actor in a movie, TV series, game or TV show with your face. You just need to upload a photo or a number of personal photos, and better a series of many of your selfies for a more realistic result, and the application will implement the "replacement" in a fraction of a second. That is, you just share a photo of your face, and the application will include it in the video clip, adapting it to the facial expressions and speech of the movie hero. The video is very realistic it is certainly not incredible, but very funny.
Released on Friday August 30, 2019 in free access for smartphone users over the weekend, the application has risen to the top spot in the Chinese App Store and is rapidly "conquering" other countries of the world.

Features of the application ZAO:

  • the app is used to replace faces in videos;
  • it is possible to insert the user's face in the excerpt of the famous movie or video clip;
  • deepfake method is used to convert video;
  • face replacement is due to artificial intelligence;
  • the application is downloaded and used by users for free; - compatible with current versions of Android and IOS.

Upload photos to the ZAO app

If you have registered in the application ZAO ( about how to pass it I wrote in the article " how to register in the Chinese application ZAO?"You are taken to the application menu, which consists of the following items:
* upload your photo or photos;
* get acquainted with the privacy policy of the application ZAO;
* contact the developer company;
* configure notification when video creation is complete;
* and other items.
Go to the first menu button "的的面", which means "My face"in Chinese. Click this button to save your photo or multiple photos to the app.
Before uploading a photo, the APP itself will warn you convincingly that you are forbidden to add other people's photos to your account. I think each of you, as an experienced Internet user, will smile with irony, and according to the old habit will do everything in its own way and still not upload your photo, but it was not there.
In the next step of uploading photos to the application, the application will seriously ask you to do a number of simple actions:
- shaking or shaking your head;
- a wink in the webcam;
- open or close your mouth;
- smile and so on.
If the ZAO application determines by its internal algorithm that it is not your photo, it will simply not allow you to upload the photo. I would strongly recommend taking the idea of uploading a celebrity or actor's face more seriously, because for this action You will simply be banned immediately without explanation and the possibility of re-registering.
When working with the application, many users have noticed that when you save your photos to the company's servers, which are located in China, they sometimes hang, so be patient and if necessary, make several attempts to upload photos.
After your photos are saved, the application checks them for a match with famous personalities or movie characters and in the absence of violations, you will be offered to make further settings.
With traditional sliders, you can highlight the area of the photo that the app should take for later processing of the video. Move the sliders back and forth to achieve the desired result.
Next, the ZAO app will ask you to choose the photo in which your face is photographed most clearly, has the same lighting and natural expression. Of course, before you upload your photo, you can process the photo with various photo processing apps and filters, or you can leave the photo as it is. If all stages of authentication of the photo are passed, an icon with your photo will appear in the first menu opposite the "My face" button. Congratulate. You have registered and your account is verified. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of the application ZAO. Next, I would recommend uploading a few more of Your photos to make it more interesting to watch the video.
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